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Astrophysics evolution of algebra logarithms into EARTH LAB math life in human FORMAT

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Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) provides an excellent laboratory for serious researchers.

Mathematical-physics describes the UNIVERSE.
The EARTH is a subset of the UNIVERSE.
Then EARTH is a subset of mathematical-physics structures.

What data has Nature provided us ...to support this hypothesis?

For simplicity lets stick to high school algebra logarithms.


If life is a mathematical structure, how would we perceive it?

ACTUALLY, we have known this for some time, but its well kept secret of the bio-math symbolic government with Secretary of Defense of BRAIN LOGIC Gates ......with a human representative with a proper noun label: Robert Gates.

What are the signals that we need to pay attention to?
An VIRTUAL astrophysics researcher would explain in detail..the abbreviated, short-hand LANGUAGE notation used by many famous scientists.
What is the.....atomic <--continuum --> astrophysics .... secret ENGLISH Language?
Let's give some examples of everyday life words/sentences.




--> Question: Are you a man?
Real Question: Are you a mantissa of biology (Bio. LOG. Y) that evolved from logarithm math symbolic life?

Characteristic and Mantissa in Logarithm - math-for-all-grades


Every Logarithm has two parts Characteristic and Mantissa, where the Whole part is called Characteristic and the Decimal part is called Mantissa.

How would various thinkers answer!

--> CALTECH asthrophysics agent: Kip S. Thorne may write in his book: BLACK HOLES and TIME WARPS....
"I was born in mathematical-physics logarithm dimensions on the surface of EARTH LAB with geography math map label:
... Logan, Utah in 1940
... Logan U --> Log an U -->
...Logarithms answer Universe



Every Logarithm has two parts Characteristic and Mantissa

Every Logarithm has two parts Characteristic and Mantissa

Some  bio-Logarithm has two parts.....  Character   and Man


Black Holes and Time Warps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (1994) is a popular science book by Kip Thorne. It provides an illustrated overview of the history and ..

Above .. the Max Born bio-math bio-physics EARTH LAB demo specimen of an  logaritm earthling 




--> Vistors to the ISLE of Man (Mantissa) , England are really full-filling a deep, primordial need ....a math desire by their bio.LOG.y logarithms to visit a MATH Island.

For example, the logarithm of 120 is given by:

\log_{10}120=\log_{10}(10^2\times 1.2)=2+\log_{10}1.2\approx2+0.079181.


The last number (0.079181)?the fractional part of the logarithm of 120, known as the mantissa of the common logarithm of 120?was found in the table.[note 1] The location of the decimal point in 120 tells us that the integer part of the common logarithm of 120, called the characteristic of the common logarithm of 120, is 2.


Map of the Isle of Man and Isle of Man Map and information page

Orkeny Islands Positioned in the middle of the    Irish      Sea  (parallel eye/pupil/ IRIS see/look /math words),  the Isle of Man is not recognized as part of the United Kingdom, but rather as a self-governing British ...


Travel & Getting Around | Isle of Man ... Mantissa Island and  brain bio-computer ....  optical symbol communications channels  

Whether you choose to fly or sail to the Isle of Man you'll be impressed with how ... than 20 airports across the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Channel Islands. ... fast craft and conventional ferry services operate from the north of England





--> Vistors to New York City may go to Man .......Manhattan to experience their bio.log.y affinity to the algebra logarithms MAN.tissa. Those visitors to Times Square 42nd Street have deep astrophysics math origins in their primordial Carl Jung mathemamtical-physics collective unconsciouness.

WHY is this?
Astophysics EARTH LAB location 42nd Street is related to year 1942...the time origination point of the astrophysics algebra logarithms EARTH LAB math life FORMAT with calculus STEP Functions known by the identifier: Stephen Hawking.
Times Square..42nd Street has TIME mirror = 24 hours.


Stephen Hawking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 to Frank and Isobel Hawking.  
Despite family financial constraints, both parents had attended Oxford University, ...
The HAWK bio-math LINK to 42nd streeet.
The Max BORN equation for the HAWK -->  42 --> Base 4 expoent 2 =  BASE 16  with a father of  Base 16 HEX 'F' = 15  = Frank ( F  rank).
HIs mother was IS = Information  Systems  bio-math expressor with identifier ....ISobel.

The Universities in England deny these details of  existence of Nature's  bio-computer science SYMBOL systems.


--> Astrophysics theory has a concept called the EVENT HORIZON. Since EARTH is a subset of the astrophysics universe...do we have some clues about an
EVENT HORIZON on Earth Lab as a DEMO of Nature's intellect and influence.

EVENT -->EVEN Time...thus years 1940 and 1942 are even integers denoting TIME ...and also the time origination points of TIME messengers: Thorne and Hawking. Thus TIME is a life format/an intellectual entity with a type of partnership ...with Thorne and Hawking as SPACE/TIME analysts and advanced communications agents thru their books,etc. The TIME existential life format...has also worked with subset human agents to start the TIME LIFE publishing organization...but, such social science humans deny their original sponsor.

EVENT HORIZON algebraic subset gives
......T HOR .....thus
EVEN THOR --> EVEN Year 1940 Thorne...
Thus the TIME dimension has taken some effort with this good galactic gentlemen...but .....
CALTECH sometimes denies the importance of some of Sartre existential dimensions.


--> The University of Manchester, England with the Alan Turing Math building has the most exciting math project. Their theorists have done advanced EARTH LAB empirical research in algebra logarithm applications to adult bio-physics female alge.BRA structures living in the Man.CHEST.er mathematical-physics geography area.
They do HANDS-ON research in alge.BRA logarithms.
They may use the
Man.Chest.er math equation (Man + Chest + ER)
and measure the Mantissa of the alge.BRA that covers the female CHEST.

Of course, Nature's math studies have been going on for thousands of years...the university is so kind to convert this BEDROOM bio.LOG.y research data into mathematical symbols and equations and formulas and proofs.....so math students can learn the secrets of math desire and the algebraic subset of the math calculus word: calcu.LUS(T).

-other MATH LAB fun functions ...continue

--> The book(1967) and movie(1976) titled: LOGAN'S Run covered many things...
and the hidden math LOG messages....for logarithms EARTH LAB parallel processing region known as Logan, Utah.

Also, we have President Jimmy Carter in 1976 and later the LOGANS RUN major math news event.
Since, math LOG of a bio.LOG.y exists in 2-legged human format ......then a human person running ....is equivalent to a logarithm bio-math structure running.

Thus at a sports TRACK and Field event...with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD Theory of COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and the athletic field track --> a EARTH computer parallel to an IBM 3380 disk storage TRACK............we could also perceive the sports TRACK and FIELD events as human logarithms running.....such as MR.Logarithm RAN the 100 yard dash.

Thus TRACK and FIELD sport events are really an EARTH sports events on an EARTH geography surface 3380 disk storge TRACK with DATA FIELDS.....a predicted by Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD Theory.

Thus the astrophysics SIGNAL on EARTH.....under President Jimmy Carter of the
Logarithms Run on 2-legs
Logarithms Ran on 2-legs at the prior event
Logarithms Ran ..math HOSTAGE messages of
.......Teh Ran ..city with math symbolic messages
.........I Ran .. geography country
.........I Ran .. STATE of MIND country
.........I Ran ...Independent Random variables country with bio-math humanoid FORMATS of expression...of math social and math political science.

Why a HOSTAGE situation..because from an
Astrophysics view of the mathematical-physics structure of the universe and EARTH LAB ..... ...the major HOST structure/architecture is math-physics and logarithms of bio.LOG.Y.


IBM SYSTEM/370 CMS KERMIT USER'S GUIDE - Columbia University


by J Chandler - Related articles
IBM 370 systems have some peculiarities that users should be aware of. ...
the corresponding outer-layer ones used by the host operating system if file transfers ..


Thus we have the major HOST structure of math and NATURE .......
and subset humanoid GUEST structures that TREAT the HOST with disregard
......hence the HOSTAGE symbolism about respect...the Hierarchy Problem of physics and their disregard to Nature's signals to them.

Another HOST structure on EARTH is Gravity...and we are guest structures living within the Gravity HOST FIELD existential environment.

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