Herb Zinser's analysis of the United States science wars in the various dimensions of existence and their battlefields. The mathematical-physics component of HUMAN daily life reveals the astonishing secret world war of the intellectual HONOR CODE.

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Astrophysics evolution of algebra logarithms into EARTH LAB math life in human FORMAT

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RD-blog-179 Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) provides an excellent laboratory for serious researchers. Mathematical-physics describes the UNIVERSE. The EARTH is a subset of the UNIVERSE. Then EARTH is a subset of mathematical-physics… more »

Event NEWS. How to read a newspaper!

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RD-blog-002 EVENT 1 The Friday Dec 18, 2009 Wall Street Journal front page described the atomic brain hierarchical government structure of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 370. The Margaret Mead nuclear family messages are atomic social science expressions.… more »

Curiosities of the UNIVERSE

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RD-blog-003 The theory on the evolution of the periodic atomic table of elements now includes the Margaret Mead nuclear family. Thus the social, political expressions of brain electron circuits, proton English prose, and neutron atomic radio transmissi… more »

The NORTH POLE Magnetic Data Field WAR

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RD-blog-008-update of original 04/17/12 17:40, byHerbzinser1, Categories:Uncategorized   The North Pole magnetic data field is most easily understood within the context of COMPUTER EARTH. The COMPUTER EARTH government is known as Uncle SAM… more »

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