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Event NEWS. How to read a newspaper!

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On Friday Dec 18, 2009,  the  brain cell WALL  publication  known as the  WALL  Street Journal had  front  page articles describing the atomic brain hierarchical government structure of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 370.   The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family messages are atomic social science and atomic social economic expressions. The message featured:


Top of page - Copenhagen, DANE Country  - the climate talks --> are messages from the Niels Bohr Institute of Physics in Copenhagen to university physics departments; especially the University of Wisconsin in Madison, DANE County, Wisconsin.

In the S.I.Hayakawa book "Language in Thought and Action" various levels of symbolic maps are mentioned. Professors in Madison have within their brain several levels of such symbolic, interpretative maps; such as the STATE of MIND  .... to Cope ... with the emotional brain map of  Copenhagen ,  Dane Country  parallel processing  Dane County.


Thus we have the super-symmetry mirror ...


THEORY located at ...  Dane ? University of Copenhagen

Denmark and the Danes. You might wonder what it is like to live in Denmark as an international student. Denmark. In brief, Denmark is characterized by being:. 


Nature's EARTH systems migration   of   the theory's  application experiment to geography region located at ....

Dane County | University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative ...

Dane County UW Extension  ....  System Internship ...


Office Location: Dane Co UW Extension, 5201 Fen Oak Dr.,


The BOHR hydrogen model messages for Water100, Watertown,and Whitewater, Wisconsin are a recent advancement in Darwinian brain evolution of molecular social message processing systems.







Middle of page - "U. S. Drones in 2004" ==> this message is consistent with the SYMBOLIC ORIGIN of the UNIVERSE theory (see Blog details). The English language vowels are: A E I O U.     Vowels --->  I / O  U =  Input/ Output Universe System 370.

U.S. Drones --> Universe System 370 message waiting for DR.ONES in 2004 --> the 24 hour biological clock message.
Year 2004 is Base 2 exponent 004 = Base 16 Hexadecimal TIME. "DR.ONES" is message DR.ONE Science. DR.ONE is theoretically predicted to be Pier oddONE, director of FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois where Fermi-Dirac statistics on the probabilty of life/odd = 1 = one. Will he acknowledge the Sarte EXISTENTIAL philosphy project messages from 1950?

Pier Oddone to retire as Fermilab director | symmetry magazine

Aug 2, 2012 ? The Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) Board of Directors, which manages and operates Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, announced that ...


The   FermiLAB  super-symmetry mirror CLUE



The right hand column has FDIC electron shell messages from the Margaret Mead Bohr Hydrogen/water molecules--> economic expressions of brain molecular Shells of Shel... Blair.

This 3rd physics article states "23 law makers" --> reference to uranium 238 financial law and the atomic computer with data processing feature Base 2 exponent 3 = 8 = one atomic Margaret Mead data byte.  
"23 law makers" also refers to EARTH computer address 2338 N. Second Street, Milwaukee, WI year 1943 and the Manhattan Project social science application.



Inquire about Research Paper 135 Atomic Spectra -
how the evolution of the Niels Bohr physics model explains the Margaret Mead nuclear family social anthropology tragedy on Michigan Avenue, Chicago, year 2003.

Max Born, Paul Dirac, Wolfgang Pauli, Erwin Schrodinger, Linus Pauling and others are featured in other reports of modern day nuclear anthropology expressions. Stay informed on new basic pure research concepts and their applications to automotive economics, casualty insurance, political science, and the FermiLAB 2008 budget.

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