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The NORTH POLE Magnetic Data Field WAR

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The North Pole magnetic data field is most easily understood within the context of COMPUTER EARTH.

The COMPUTER EARTH government is known as Uncle SAM = Sequential Access Method that is used by the geology computer device UNIT = NORTH POLE Magnetic Tape (the NIXON tape computer science experiment). The magnetic field lines/ tape interact with the iron HEMOGLOBIN proteins in geology students and geology professors cortex computer.

This provides COMPUTER EARTH data processing system with a hybrid cybernetic construct --> similar to Star Trek, Captain Picard and the BORG.


Theory and empirical data suggests that university students and professors are BORG like. The main components are:

1) Data processing device UNIT = TAPE of North Pole Magnetic field flow lines. This geological/physics structure of MOTHER NATURE needs a READ/ WRITE HEAD to perform I/O = Input/ Output of magnetic data fields. Thus


2) the interaction of the EARTH magnetic field with the ferrous oxide IRON atoms of the brain/cortex HEME GROUP FE(II) ion would be the interaction mechanism. To optimize such interaction Charles Darwin natural selection would select geography/ geology/ physics PROFESSORS at the University of I/O Work Area ==> known to computer programmers as the University of Input/ Output Work Area = which is the biology brain experiment test = University of I O W A.


3) Thus the geography combination of the NORTH POLE magnetic Field and the willing experimental brain research subjects in IOWA leads to a complete picture. The device UNIT = NORTH POLE magnetic field lines (TAPE) uses the biological READ/ WRITE TAPE HEAD of an educated graduate student. These BRAVE student specimens complete the BRAVE NEW WORLD experiment in  human-BORG technology experiments. 




 The Base 16 hexadecimal experiment at Virginia TECH resulted in the April 16,2007  .... Battle of the BORG at  Norris Hall, which houses the (BRAIN)  Engineering Science and Mechanics program ..... and the secret  BORG mechanics .... brain ROTE programs for the student sub-conscious mind.

Another NORTH POLE batte was on  February 14, 2008, at Northern Illinois University, Cole Hall, DeKalb, Illinois .... with Nature's Darwinian selection  of a  magnetic POLE representative
...that  being the  human Steven K. with heritage Ameican-POLE.



Do you read a complex book at 2000 words per minute? This suggests that your magnetic field interaction is operating at the EARTH computer speed/format with data blocksize 2000 words per minute. YOUR brain computer device details are secret. Do you know how your data processing system works?

Do you use FORTRAN computer language for social engineering? Then you probably use NORTH POLE magnetic data field floating-point numbers (scientific notation).




Thus we see pieces of the WAR between Nature and MAN. We ought try to understand this puzzle; however, newspapers are not interested in explaining more completely the Science Wars casualty reports.

The North Pole magnetic data field war MAPs provide CLUES to the string theory interrelationships that can TIE atomic anthropology signaling events together  .... including  the tragic algebra subset bio-math WAR  signal involving U.S.ARMY math research at  in August  1970 at Sterling Hall.  Sterling Hall was a battlefield  component of String Theory in Madison, Wisconsin.  The atomic English language 8 letter word Sterling --> 6 letter algebra subset --> String. 

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