The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) science war reports.
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The Astrophysics (EARTH LAB) Salt Bridge of the Atlantic Ocean with Cambridge Universities

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Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) provides opportunities to study the astrophysics chemistry structure known as a SALT BRIDGE. This is APRIL 29,2011...over the next few days I shall outline the empirical observations that support the astro-chemistry theory of intelligent, cybernetic life formats on EARTH...and their sophisticated experiments that involve various component entities such as: geography, institutions, etc.

Briefly, the traditional college beginning chemistry textbook and chemistry LAB course describe the SALT BRIDGE. According to Einstein's theory of relative sizes....a SALT BRIDGE of a different size may a parallel processing dimmension ..on EARTH. Thus we consider the larger SALT BRIDGE.

The SALT TREATY of the SALT BRIDGE has a communications BRIDGE problem with identified BRIDGE universities ...with proper noun identifier: CAM = Computer Aided MAN --> Cam.BRIDGE humans that are part of the Manhattan Project..physics projects.....Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology project in devloping a human atomic brain with atomic self-awareness.




Astronomy and astrophysics theories and data are useful for explaining objects in the universe that are millions of miles aways from EARTH. Thus we have the logic:

--> Axiom: Astrophyics describes the universe (along with astronomy)

--> Deduction: The EARTH is a subset of the universe ...verified by algebra set theory and
empirical observation

--> Next step: Therefore Earth existential structures can be described by astrophysics theory.

--> Next step: From the galactic point of view of a distant VIRTUAL researcher; EARTH is just another lab to be studied.

--> Next step: Therefore the astrophysics EVENT HORIZON can be used to explain EARTH events...along with other tools used at a typical large university.....research tools such as: Chemistry, English language and symbolism with symbolic representations, etc.

--> Next step:
Since the Earth is a subset of the astrophysics universe;
then earth LIFE is a subset of astrophyics universe LIFE.

--> Since a SUBSET of the astrophysics universe --> EARTH LAB
....Then a SUBSET of astrophysics universe LIFE --> EARTH LIFE

--> Given the previous statement about LIFE we seek EARTH LIFE approximations that may provide us with empirical data about our astrophysics origins. Since EARTH is a LAB (see Lewis Carroll from year 1865 comment on human guinea-pigs) then astrophysics universe LIFE that may exist on EARTH would be experimental specimens labeled: HUMAN

Subsets of astrophysics universe life on EARTH ...suggested LAB specimens ....
Gibbons, Hawking, and Thorne may be such aproximations .....which is good, because their writings help limited, finite structures like myself to understand Sartre existential philoposphy.

The subset theory is affirmed the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 Gravity HOST processor with IBM OS/JCL.
Let G = universal gravitational constant and the
earth HOST system 370 --> giving equation G + HOST = GHOST
--> the secret GHOST project of astrophysics and other scientists. The Carl JUNG astrophysics collective unconsciousness project is a deep secret that scientists ought be curious about.

Thus for those outside the inner circle ..... the galactic undercover project is revealed:

G + H + OS + T -->

Gibbons + the Hawk + IBM OS/JCl + Thorne





Secrets are not published in SCIENCE Magazines.
We continue we additional CLUES about Nature's  SALT BRIDGE project.....that have been censored in the SCIENCE WARS.


Images for atlantic ocean ... symbol map

Images for salt water bridge  = Atlantic ocean ... symbol map

Left  beaker  = North America continent

Right beaker  = Europe and England land mass






Source: Oxtoby, Freeman,  (Salt)  Block. Chemistry: Science of Change 3rd ...
Source: Oxtoby, Freeman, Block. Chemistry: Science of Change 3rd ed. Hydrogen is produced by the complete reaction of 6.24 g of sodium with excess of ...



Lets review the some of the textbook concepts of a SALT BRIDGE...(see Oxtoby, Freemann, Block)..
These  concepts will be used by super-symmetry geo-physics later.



some concepts and ideas --> see a book for details 





Images for atlantic ocean ... symbol map


A --> the separation of a redox reaction into 2 half-reactions

B --> this reaction can be carried out in a different way ..without ever putting the two reactants in direct physical constact

C --> 2 different solutions are prepared and placed in separate LAB Beakers

D --> 2 different metallic strips exist (elctrodes) and are placed in their proper solutions

E --> The two solutions in their separate containers are connected by a SALT BRIDGE, which is an inverted U-shaped tube containg a solution of SALT. The ends of the BRIDGE are stuffed with porous plugs that prevent the mixing of the two solutions but allow ions to pass between them.

F --> Finally the two metallic elctrodes are connected by wires to an anmeter to measure the direction and magnitude of the electric current generated





Chemistry book authors comments:
Also, see a chemistry textbook for SALT BRIDGE examples and flowcharts.

G --> What is different is that half-reactions occur at sites remote from each other.

H --> The separation of the reaction component into two compartments (two half-cells) prevents the direct transfer of electrons from copper atoms to silver nitrate.





Now we have a list of components....nouns, adjectives, relationships, and architecture that we can use to understand the astrophysics EARTH LAB construction of the astrophysics SALT BRIDGE.
Repeating the above LIST ....with the astrophysics EARTH LAB components ....
as in the TOE = Theory of Everything physics with GUT = Grand Unified Theory.



Images for atlantic ocean map

A --> the separation of the social reaction into 2 half-reactions ....would be accomplished by the geography surface land (Landau geo-physics) separation between European intellectuals and North America thinkers

B --> without putting the 2 reactants in direct physical contact.....this condition is met by the
2 separate geography locations/ university campus containers with astrophysics addresses on EARTH as:
Cambridge, England, Eu.ROPE with the ROPE of String theory
Cambridge, Massachusettes, USA --> Universe SA= Sample Space of the universe statistical dimension...with an additional secret about

Fermi-Dirac statistical bio-physics lab specimen: odd = One...a
Fermi-Direc(tor) in the Batman BAT Cave in Batavia, Illinois

But remember...this is TOP-SECRET so do not mention anything to Pier at FermiLAB.

C --> 2 different solutions/answers (abstract models..mathematical-physics explanations of society,etc)
are prepared and placed into their separate containers/ IVORY TOWERS /geography this case:

1st prepared solution was Cambridge, England with the University of Cambridge

2nd prepared solution is Cambridge, Mass, USA with 3 institutions:
Harvard university
Massachusettes Institute of Technology
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

D --> 2 different metabolism strips (like a standing human professor is symbolically equivalent to a metabolism strip)....thus the 2 different metabolism strips exist in 2 different social cultures and mental environments:
The British English Language usage , British culture and history, education styles

The North American English slang words, Hollywood influence on the brain, etc

E--> The 2 solutions (intellectual groups with the answer solution) in their separate containers ( England and the USA) are connected by a SALT BRIDGE (thus the Salt water of the ATLANTIC OCEAN).

Salt is sodium chloride, chemistry symbol NaCl. We use symbol Na = atomic political science element for the Na = Nation of SALT and Margaret Mead atomic anthropology treaties.
The Salt Bridge is an INVERTED U-shaped tube containing as solution to the Margaret Mead nuclear arms, elbows, mouth control SALT TREATY with the dinner table SALT Shaker and the 11 protons of the periodic atomic table governmental agent: Atomic representative which is element sodium/Salt/ symbol Na with 11 protons for the human SKU11 communication LINK....which apparently has serious problems with social science nonsense BS and biased thoughts.
Thus the biased thoughts may be explained by the SALT BRIDGE and its relationship to the symbolic brain ....
an INVERTED U-shaped....applied to student symbolic brain evolution..

an INVERTED U-shaped --> University shape...shaping the human symbolic brain...a subject of TV show: Deep Space Nine with the Shape Shifter (Odo).

F --> Finally the two metabolisn strips (Harvard humans with the sum.MIT treaty/SALT TREATY) are connected by wires (Telephone wires or modern electronic computer communications wires)



Thus we see Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE and its application of symbols/letters to the geography surface of EARTH.

NO  --> North America   and  North Europe

Na --> sodium odf sodium chloride  with the salt water  of the Atlantic Ocean




Thus the readser can complete the picture given with the outline clues.

Now the COMMENT ...
G --> What is different is that the half-reactions occur at sites remote from each other.

The half-reaction is best explained by the FermiLAB ...Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology ....atomic brain problem in Batavia, Illinois.
One of several missions of the FermiLAB physics research was to build a model of the human atomic brain; but because of limited research funds and the BRAVE NEW WORLD propaganda war in Washington,DC and elsewhere ...the atomic brain model was omitted. Thus we have the gestalt PROJECT completion codes are missing.

The half-reaction from the view of symbolic physics:
F e r m i _ _ LAB is a signal of half of ?????
......m i _ _ LAB...fill in the blanks quiz
......m i n d LAB....thus a component of M-theory is MIND-theory

FermiLAB atomic brain research is with the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer on various humanoid experimental astrophysics EARTH LAB specimens.
CHI --> BAL computer instruction for human brains living in the Chicago area and studying at the University of Chicago, IIT, Loyola, DePaul, Northwestern, University of Illinois Chicago Circle Campus,etc. The large group of students are LAB specimens for the atomic computer brain CHI instruction for CHI =CHICAGO.

CHI = Compare Half-word instruction implies that CHICAGO humans have the half-brain strcuture...with no intellectual desire or curiosity to evolve beyond that. Thus again we see the appearance another format...of 2 half-reactions (some type of structure inherent in NATURE ..that requires some effort/ some personal ability /some test point move beyond)

H --> The separation of the reaction ....prevents the direct transfer of electrons from copper atoms to silver nitrate. Silver Nitrate is a SIGNAL component of the SALT BRIDGE project...with the periodic atomic table government and its huamnoid agent reprsentatives.

Element 47 AG = Silver atomic weight 107.86 (rounded to 108) and this is
1968 atomic vice-president Spiro Ag Agnew = Ag news)

with the ni = nitrate symbolic representative Ni = Nixon.

Thus the 1968 Maragret Mead nuclear family --> atomic political analysis suggests that the EARTH LAB in the parallel processing DIMENSIONS we have:
.....silver nitrate
.....Agnew + Nixon ......with the later special silver atom ELECTRON... economic signal.... an atomic government SIGNAL to the high-level astrophysics IVORY TOWERS intellectuals....the high price of SILVER metal reaching $50 in January 1980....and the inaugaration into the high-office of the atomic government (the atomic subliminal mind in humans).....
Thus 1980 ELECTRON political systems with humanoid agents.
......... ELECT
...............RON Reagan as president of the electron world...ask FermiLAB about these minor trivia.

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