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The ferrous oxide atomic English Language messenger - the IRON LADY

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The Ferrous Oxide Atomic WARRIOR ? The IRON LADY
March 6, 2010 by zinjan


British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is an agent for the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology family.
The IRON LADY represents the 26 protons of the ferrous oxide atom of the periodic atomic table of life.

The 26 protons of iron communicate using their ironic English alphabet of 26 symbols.

The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters ?


Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)


Thus we have the atomic English language of ferrous oxide atom via the iron Hemoglobin protein ?> and the social science expressions of Hemoglobin human female structures.






The IRON LADY has a history of battles involving symbolic military tools and/or physical military tools in various media.

Example 1 ? Computer Earth battle zones HEX ?FA? = 250
Year 1982 ? Base 16 Hexadecimal War FA.lkland Islands
Year 2006- Dec. 6 WAR . Falk IRON GEAR with the IRON LADY.
Hex ?FA? lk = lk data gas pipeline ERROR at I/O PORT of Milwaukee. ABEND per COMPUTER EARTH system 370.

Example 2 - YEAR 2001, Sept 11. The IRON Lady and the IRON Towers of the World Trade Center. The Computer Earth battle with the NORTH POLE magnetic data field interaction with the IRON TOWERS and the biological read/write TAPE HEADS within the Base 2 binary towers. The cortex computers within the iron structure have serious data errors. The hemoglobin HEME group Fe(ii) ion economic reports are nonsense. Computer EARTH system 370 device UNIT = North Pole magnetic (Nixon) tape with a cortex READ/WRITE tape HEAD.

Example 3
The errors at OXFORD UNIVERSITY in myoglobin protein intellectual awareness. The myoglobin protein has the oxygen Base 16 hexadecimal atomic computer and the iron HEME group English language of 26 ferrous oxide protons. OXFORD is the Margaret Mead test location for OX =Oxygen brain hexdecimal processor awareness. OXFORD University has failed their Y2K year 2000 brain computer test.

Example 4
The British alebgra subset theory war and ALZHEIMER?s brain memory eaten by cortex cannibals. The BATTLE OF GREAT BRITAIN in YEAR 2010 with Margaret Thatcher?s dementia.
Subset = . . EAT BR . . AIN ?> Eat Brain
Thus the English command words inside the symbolic brain ?> issue instructions to eat the brain. English language professors and authors must be careful ; we have modern symbolic anthroplogy with cortex cannibal computer subroutines and symbolic HEAD HUNTERS inside the brain.

Example 5
The mathematical component of ALZHEIMER?s memory eater involves the ALZ component.

ALZ ?> ALgebra Z ?> abstract algebra life of Z = ring of integers .. bio-math life inside the brain ...and bio-math illness ALZ (ALZHEIMER's) probably caused by a algebra deficiency or algebra error in the persons life history.

Integer 11 = eleven plays an important role inside the
brain/SKU 11. Those individuals without basic NUMBER THEORY inside their symbolic processor increase the probability of
NUMBER SKU11 errror ?> the
NUMB. SKU11 problem which is a type of Alzheimer?s.




Number theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Number theory (or arithmetic) is a branch of pure mathematics devoted primarily to the study of the integers. Number theorists study prime numbers as well as ...

Comfortably Number theory .... brain cell wall ... bio-math album report format

Comfortably Numb

"Comfortably Numb" is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd, which first appears on the 1979 double album, The Wall.

Double-helix social engineering MESSAGES   via   the DNA wave output   transform to harmonic wave music  lyrics ....

 double album ...... 

 The Wall.

 The Wall.

Does your brain produce new cells? | Science | guardian.co.uk

Feb 23, 2012 ? Everyone wants to believe the human brain continues to produce new cells ........
 The  brain  cell   wall  
contain wedge-shaped cells that divide near the inner ...

Abstract algebra symbolic warriors can help defend the brain?s health with symbolic integrity and pride.
The song ?Comfortably Numb? refers to the NUMB-SKU11 number theory problem with some social science  professors and university students.


Other events involve the newly realized secret history of the IRON LADY. Newpapers and book authors interested in these theories and examples ought contact me.


Contact: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER.

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Mail Address: P.O.Box 134,Watertown,WI 53094-0134, USA


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